Over the past eight years, I have been the instructor of record for many literature, creative writing, and composition classes for college and high school students.

My teaching philosophy revolves around structure.  In the classroom, I work hard to provide an organized, productive environment where students feel safe and supported in their learning.  And in my writing and reading assignments, I challenge students to recognize the structures of effective published writing and mimic them in their own work until they become second nature.

Undergraduate courses I have taught include:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • College Writing and Research
  • Introduction to College Writing
  • Living Writers (a survey of contemporary literature)
  • Representations of Sex and Sexuality 
  • Visual Rhetorical Analysis in Gender and Sexuality

I also served as the primary Fiction Instructor for the Syracuse University Summer College Program in Creative Writing, a two-week intensive program where I guided high school students in writing, revising, and workshopping their short fiction and poetry.

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I co-founded the Milwaukee Queer Writing Project, an organization which partners with Woodland Pattern Book Center to create writing workshops for young people in Milwaukee public schools.  In 2019-2020, we at MQWP designed and led a series of poetry workshops for Gay-Straight Alliances at Riverside University High School, Carmen High School, and Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy.

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